Remission Policy

ABRSM music examinations

For Instrumental and Theory exams with the ABRSM

This remission policy is applicable to any potential entrants who are:

Salford residents in full-time state education aged 18 or under AND
Eligible for Pupil Premium funding OR
Eligible for Free School Meals (Year 3 or above) OR
A Looked After Child

Any MAPAS student who meets the above requirements is eligible for the following remission:

No requirement to pay the exam admin fee
50% discount on the relevant accompanist fee (if applicable)
50% discount on the relevant aural fee (if applicable)
5% - 95% discount on the ABRSM exam fee

The percentage of discount on the ABRSM exam fee will be dependant on the number of recipients of the remission policy in each exam sitting and may therefore vary each term.

This is because we have a finite amount of funding to offer as part of this subsidy and we want to ensure that it is distributed as fairly as possible so that it benefits the maximum number of students.

If your child is eligible for this scheme, please indicate this on your entry form. 

Our administrative team will confirm the maximum potential charge for the exam entry (based on a 5% exam fee discount) to check that this is agreeable. Once all entries have been received, the true discount will be calculated at which point payment will be requested.